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Free Cloudsoft Consultation

If you have cloud-related queries we are happy to help and discuss, whether you are new to cloud or a seasoned veteran. 

Get in touch to book your half hour complimentary session with one of our Solutions Architect to discuss:

  • The right choice of cloud for you 
  • Migrating your application to the cloud
  • Specific technical questions/issues
  • Cloud architectures and best practices
  • Cloud cost management & cost reduction
  • Anything and everything cloud!

We are AWS advanced consulting partners and are also experienced in a wide range of different clouds so you can count on receiving honest advice that is best for your business. 

Alasdair Hodge is a solutions architect with 25 years’ experience.  An authority in cloud, software applications and automation across all major cloud platforms, he has been engaged in the design and optimisation of cloud services in banking and finance and other service-based sectors such as telecoms, electronic design and supply-chain automation for over 12 years.